Clinical Expertise

Brennan Manning – early trauma

This message by Brennan Manning reminds me not only that I can trust God but how much he loves me and is actually pleased with me when I depend on him. Brennan shares some of his personal history of coming from a home filled with early trauma. Even children that are made to feel worthless can eventually feel the deep love and acceptance of God.
Refreshment for my soul.

Maltreatment of Children

This is a report on child maltreatment that identifies the financial cost for failure to provide services to the victim. Wouldn’t it be amazing for children to have everything they need to recover early when they are abused or neglected? The cost to them is what should concern us even more.

New Parent Support Group

Parents have often asked me for a support group and it is finally here. A new group will give lots of opportunity for sharing while looking at No Drama Discipline by Dan Siegel. The group leader (Alyssa Brooks-Dowty) is an experienced parent with special needs and foster children. Click to view the flyer.

Attachment and the Brain

Here is a great opportunity to get free training from national experts. Enjoy!


Dan will also be participating in an online training summit with Sounds True on October 1st! (if the training is past you can still sign up and listen to archived sessions, all 14 are archived). This is a not to be missed online event which begins on September 18, 2015 with 14 psychotherapy experts sharing the latest tools and insights from the fields of neuro-science, attachment therapy, relationship counseling, mindfulness, and more. See below for details — it’s free during live-streaming! Register here

Emotional Triggers

If you have buttons…..


It’s hard to be a regulating presence if a child pushes your buttons. Some of us don’t even know that we have buttons until we start parenting. If for instance you need to be in complete control due to a loss of control early in life you will need to work on that issue before you can be a co-regulator. In other words if you strongly react to a child’s negative behaviors you will not be able to be a calming influence and then a teacher. You may just automatically react with punishment.


In this video clip Dan Siegel talks about personal healing that can change the way we relate to others. This is especially important for parents dealing with children who have developmental trauma. An inexpensive start might be some self-reflection using his book “Parenting From the Inside Out”.