Clinical Expertise

Child Trauma Academy

Don’t forget to check out The Child Trauma Academy’s YouTube channel. Bruce Perry’s Seven Slide series on the brain and it’s response to stress is especially helpful to all people trying to figure out how to respond to traumatized children. To date four of the seven series trainings have been posted. Here is the link to the Child Trauma videos.

Neuro-sequential model

NMTtrainedP1The Child Trauma Academy acknowledges that Deborah Pettitt and Edie Moore have completed NMT Training Certification through the Phase I level. For more information about NMT Training Certification and the NMT Assessment process, click here.


This is an amazing video of neuro-genesis. It’s very encouraging to know that our brains continue to form new connections and prune old ones. This means that every time we respond calmly to our developmentally traumatized children we are teaching them that parents are safe instead of scary. Consistently calm parenting will eventually cause the negative connections to be pruned off since they are not used. This should give us all hope for change.

Helping the anxious child

This is a great video of Dan Siegel using his Mind Sight Information to help a shy child. I think that anyone can learn about responding to the most productive part of the brain from this video.  We all want to connect with our kids brains when we talk.  Enjoy!


Parenting Young Trauma Victims for Emotional Age

childrens therapyOften kids that experience early trauma continue to grow physically but get stuck emotionally, usually at the point of their traumatic experience. One of the easiest ways to parent for emotional age is to consult Brazeltons’ Touchpoints.

He gives clear parenting tips for each age; you just need to look at his books to see what behaviors are typical for what age. When you discover that your 8 year old is actually a 2 year old emotionally, you can follow Brazeltons tips for handling a two year old.  We have to take a child back and help them grow up emotionally if there is to be any hope for recovery.