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Adoption success

This blog is by Edie Moore:

Scratch the surface of Simone Biles’ remarkable story, and you’ll learn about grandparents who sacrificed their hopes for more leisurely mature years to adopt two young grandchildren who had a very difficult start in life. With the help of counseling, they guided a troubled child to poised young adulthood. Key was successfully channeling the ADD type activity of a young girl, recognizing her natural talents, and providing her a healthy outlet in gymnastics. Whatever the results in Rio this summer, the Biles family are all winners in my book.

Here is the remarkable success profiles in the Wall Street Journal article.

Attachment in the womb


I love this video of twins holding hands in the neonatal intensive care unit.  Connection surely takes place before birth.
This is also true of the connection between mom and the unborn child. Dan Siegel tells a story of singing a particular song to his children while they were still in the womb. After birth the infant responded to that song over all others.

Equine Assisted Therapy

“The Family Christian Counseling Center will now be offering equine assisted psychotherapy along with their wide range of other therapies. Equine therapy is a collaborative approach consisting of a client/clients, mental health professional, equine specialist and one or more horses. There is no riding involved, rather the interaction is with horses on the ground. DeAnna Wahlheim, MA, LAMFT is our equine psychotherapist. She specializes in early intervention, child and family therapy, and parent counseling for children and families who have been affected by trauma including neglect, abuse and attachment trauma. She is trained in empirically based, developmental models of treatment including the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics, Theraplay, EMDR, Sand-tray and EAGALA Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. The equine therapy sessions are held at United Farms in Phoenix, AZ.

Harvard Study

Keeping babies close is the conclusion of this Harvard study, click the link and lets learn from it together.


It is interesting to look at how some children can survive difficult circumstances. The supports that they have at home make a huge difference.
To learn more check out this link.